Unlimited DayCare Plan

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Are you busy most of the time and want your best friend not to feel lonely and be in good hands? At Conga’s Hotel, we give you an unlimited DayCare plan so you can bring your furry as many times and days you want for a month. Your friend will play and feel loved, so your furry feels like at home.

(1 name per reservation)

(1 breed per reservation)

To provide the best care to your furry, please describe here the routines such as the meals schedule, portions of food or snacks, and doses of medicine if required, among other requirements.

Check In & Check Out

Check-in 9:00 am
Check-out 6:00 pm

Note: Please plan all check-in or check-out within this schedule. Early checkouts or late pick-ups can be arranged at the hotel with the purchase of a half-day daycare or late check-in /check-out fee.

Terms and Conditions

For sanitary purposes, at the check-out, CONGA´S HOTEL requires a mandatory bath after 5 nights of lodging for $25.00. (PRICE NOT INCLUDED IN THE LODGING COST). As well, a $25 bath it is required for every 10 consecutive lodging nights.

  • Make sure all your pets’ vaccines are updated: rabies, distemper and bordetella.
  • Pre-pack all meals in lunch bags.
  • If medical treatment should be applied, please provide instructions with clearly labeled medications. IT DOES NOT HAVE ADDITIONAL COST.
  • Do not bring bowls, toys or bedding. We provide all accommodations and entertainment for our guest’s comfort.
  • At the check-in time, update any contact information that has changed and provide emergency contacts.
  • Full payment is due at the check-in time.
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